I’ve been a volunteer with parent leadership in schools for the past 9 years. I’ve worked in education prior to becoming a pastor and I know that our schools can be better. To get us to a place of success for all students I plan to help disrupt systems of inequality, advocate for equitable access to arts education for all students, and work with state officials to increase funding for schools.

Disrupting systems of inequality entails questioning the systems that exclude or other students and communities. To reset these systems the board must work with staff, students, and community leaders to craft policy changes that center and support diverse perspectives and experiences.

Arts education is crucial in creating graduates who can work in teams, creatively solve problems, and seek out different perspectives. Arts education is a data driven means to closing achievement gaps and improving student success. Students should be able to access arts regardless of neighborhood or academic standing.

Our state does not currently provide adequate education funding for our students. The board’s work includes lobbying and working with state officials to ensure our district has the resources needed for all students to succeed.

My campaign is made up of fellow parents who have been serving schools for years, friends who care about school success, and contacts who know how to improve systems. Won’t you join us in making our schools work for ALL our kids?

Eilidh’s answers to the Oregonian Candidate Survey

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